Deformed Plankton Reveal Cause of Mass Extinction?

Sometimes palaeopathology can seem a rather arcane subject. It can be argued that it is merely the study of aberrations; diseased or damaged individuals who might be able to tell you something interesting about a local behaviour, or perhaps even a wider ranging epidemic, but little else. This is far from the truth and here... Continue Reading →

Mass Conflict in the Neolithic

The subject of conflict between early human settlements is naturally controversial. We know from historical experience that no human culture has been immune from violence, either as perpetrators or victims, so it seems more then plausible that our ancestors were no different. However, actual physical evidence of conflict is rarely preserved. Earlier this month (August... Continue Reading →

Exploding Ichthyosaurs?

Sometimes truth can be grosser then fiction. Take the fossil record of the Posidonienschiefer Formation of Germany for example. Its best known for its beautiful preservation of many early Jurassic aged vertebrates, particularly a large number of Ichthyosaurs. The particularly striking thing about some of the formation's Ichthyosaurs though is that many are apparently females,... Continue Reading →

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