Oldest Murder Victim Discovered?

Violence seems to be nothing new to humanity but evidence of a 430,000 years old murder is quite unusual. A paper published earlier this month (May 2015) has announced the discovery of a prehistoric murder victim from the Sima de los Huesos site in northern Spain. This site has long been known for its impressive... Continue Reading →

New ‘Tongue Worm’ Discovered in the Fossil Record

As a rule parasites don't fossilise well. They are usually small, soft bodied and many live inside other animals, making them even less likely to be preserved when their host dies and begins to break down. Occasionally eggs are found, mostly because they are adapted to be resilient, but their parents are usually conspicuous by... Continue Reading →

‘Zombie’ Worms Fed On Plesiosaur Bones

From mind-controlled ants to zombie worms. Although the 'zombie' tag is a bit misleading as these worms do nothing any more sinister then feed on the dead flesh of whales at the bottom of the ocean. This specialist genus of worms, properly known as Osedax, was first discovered by science in 2002 when a remotely... Continue Reading →

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